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Marshall County Fiber expanding territory

Marshall County Fiber now has the ability to serve over 400 homes with dependable, high-speed internet. Long-term, Marshall County Fiber's goal is to make sure all Marshall County REMC members have broadband access. 

The opportunity to serve Marshall County REMC members is strongly dependent on grants, loans and other funding. More grants and funding mean shorter timelines for deployment in the areas where the funding applies.

Marshall County fiber has been awarded $1 million in CAF ll (Connect America Fund Phase ll) funding to serve approximately 1,100 physical locations in Marshall County by 2026 that have been identified as unserved or underserved by broadband.

Marshall County Fiber's plan in the next two years will be to finish a portion of that CAF ll funded area, north of the city of Bourbon. The area north of Bourbon is the first step in an ongoing CAF ll project, and we will continue to seek additional funding from various sources.


If you are interested in receiving fiber please submit your information at the bottom of the homepage. This will help Marshall County Fiber identify where there is a need for service and determine where to build in the future.


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