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Marshall County Fiber can provide fast and reliable internet to your business. Get communication service and support that goes above and beyond for your business!


Our full menu of business services can be scaled to meet the current needs of your company and grow with you into the future. Marshall County Fiber offers more speed, performance and reliability for your business solutions backed by exceptional customer service that you can only expect from a locally-owned company.

Fast connection of up to 1,000 Mbps means there's enough bandwidth to connect all your employees, all their devices, and speed up your entire business.

Speed - reliable internet speed up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig). Scalable and ready to grow with your business.


WiFi - Provide the fastest wireless connections with private WiFi for your business and public WiFi for your customers.


Static IP - Dedicated IP for server support and remote VPN access.


Consistent, crystal-clear service with a boundless capacity to handle more calls simultaneously.


Hosted PBX - A feature-rich, scalable phone service that eliminates capital costs and voice hardware management.


VoIP - a low-cost solution to carry voice and data over an IP network.


Private, secure, reliable data solutions that run on our own leading fiber-optic network.


Point-to-Point - Private, dedicated link to ensure safe transfer of sensitive information or applications that require sustained throughput.


From recommending gear and equipment to filming your next television commercial, we're here to help you and your business.

Commercial Production

Advertising Packages


We understand network downtime can mean lost business for you. We offer superior customer service, technical support, and installation dependability. If you have any problems or just a quick question, our support team is available to help.


We have so much to offer for Business Services! Small, Medium, or Enterprise size; we have scalable products to meet all your business needs. Contact us today to have a member of our Sales team give you a personalized consultation

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