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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marshall County Fiber?


Marshall County Fiber, a partnership between Marshall County REMC and RTC, has begun the process of bringing dependable, reliable, high-speed Internet to rural Marshall County. Marshall County Fiber is currently available in Southfield, Forest Hills, Royal Manor, Del-Lo-Me, Pilgrim Meadows, Southpointe and Quail Ridge subdivisions.

Will our electric service be affected?


Your electric service will not be affected. Safe, reliable and affordable electric service will remain a key focus of Marshall County REMC.

How will I know once my 'fiberhood' has hit its minimum number of homes required?


We will contact you once your area is fiber ready! Please provide us with the best contact information on the bottom of the home page.


Why Pre-Register?


Savings! Pre-registering means savings for you, the customer! Buried fiber can be expensive; In order for us to bring you the fastest internet at the best price, we need to pre-register a minimum number of homes in a 'fiberhood' before we can move forward.

Will Fiber internet be offered in my area?


Marshall County REMC and RTC are still in the planning phases of this project.  It is important to us that our members understand this project will be a significant undertaking and may take several years to complete.

As the plan develops more information on which areas of our territory will have service and in what timeline will be forthcoming. Watch for updates in our monthly newsletter and our website.

When will I get Fiber?


If you are within the Pilot Program area - Now! Not only is building Fiber expensive, but it does take some time. We do not have a timeline for the county build out. If you're interested and want to stay up-to-date on progress please fill out the information on the bottom of the home page.


Why doesn't my neighborhood show it's getting Fiber?


Building Fiber can be expensive. To gauge interest REMC and RTC have chosen to do a Pilot Program in a select area first. If the Pilot Program goes well we will begin discussing the Marshall County Fiber Build Out.

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