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Why you need Fiber

According to UCSF Medical Center adults should intake a total of 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber daily. While that might be true, that's not the Fiber we're talking about.

Fiber Optic internet is the transfer of data through fiber optic cables. 'Fiber' is thin glass wires inside a protective cable. Did you know a Fiber strand is only as thick as a human hair!? 'Optics' is the way the data is transfered - in light signals.

So what's the big deal with Fiber?

It's speed of light fast.

Fiber optic cable carries data literally at the speed of light. Fiber simply carries more of your data faster! It will allow you to stream those movies without buffer, download music quickly, and upload all those family photos with ease. Get up to 1,000 Mbps (that's 1 GIG!). Marshall County Fiber will make other connections feel like dial-up.

It's tough & reliable.

Fiber optics are unaffected by radio wave interference, can be submerged in water without issue and is not susceptible to harsh temperatures. Fiber does not waver with strong winds, cloudy skies, or heavy rainfall. That kind of reliability helps us deliver excellent quality internet, video, and phone!

It's safe.

These days’ hackers and thieves are coming at us from all direction. 'Information Thieves' can easily gain access through cabled internet through tapping and other methods. The only way to penetrate Fiber is to physically cut the fibers which would send off a lot of alarms at Marshall County Fiber. Still use caution when giving out personal information or accessing unknown sites on the internet. Thieves might not be able to attack directly through the fiber but they can still trick you in other ways!

Marshall County Fiber has several Fiber packages for your individual and business needs. When choosing your internet provide choose the best technology with excellent customer service and support to back it up- choose Marshall County Fiber!

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