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Router 102

Multiple-input and multiple-output or MIMO was first used in 802.11n devices. This takes advantage of a radio frequency phenomenon which increases the range and speed of your WiFi. MIMO capable devices have multiple antennas allowing a wider range of signals to come through.

This MIMO technology keeps things moving at a significantly faster rate and allows for a quicker connection. We can offer this technology in their Amplifi routers (pictured above). Now we just said MIMO utilized multiple antennas but this cube doesn't have any rabbit ears! All SIX of the Amplifi's antennas are located within the cube giving it a clean and modern look without sacrificing technology. While the Amplifi cube is MIMO and offers you that faster speed and wider range if you live in a large home you can also add 'mesh points' to your network! Increases the reach of your WiFi to the patio, man cave, garage, or back yard!

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