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Improving Home Wifi

We rely on our WiFi for a lot. Accessing the internet on our smartphones, computers, SmartTV’s, tablets….and the list just goes on! Loss of signal strength or loss of connection can be frustrating. Here’s a few helpful tips to help improve your Home WiFi Network!

Get rid of that old router

Think about how many people in your home access your WiFi Network. Now think about how many devices each person has. It really adds up doesn’t it! In our home we have two adults and over 12 devices! Like most technology routers get old and outdated. That amazing deal you got on a router a couple years ago was probably only designed to handle a couple devices. These days the experts suggest a 802.11AC router. These routers can handle over 20 devices!

Need for Speed

Did you know roughly 80% of the US does not know what their internet speed is? Do you know yours? The package you chose a year ago may not be the package that fits your needs today! As you add more devices to you WiFi network you should also consider increasing your speed package.

Protect your WiFi

Putting a password on your WiFi network not only protects you from hackers but it also keeps people from ‘stealing’ your WiFi! If you’re neighbors are connecting their devices to your WiFi network it could affect your signal strength.

Centralize your router

Routers are not always ‘pretty’. Many people try to hide them by placing them in a spot no one will look like the basement. Having your router centrally located in your home is a great way to increase signal strength throughout your home. You could even consider placing the router in a room that you and your family spend much of your time.

Not sure what 802.11AC means? No idea what your internet speed is? Can’t figure out how to set that WiFi password? Need help moving your router to a better location? Give us a call – we are happy to help improve your home WiFi Network!

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